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September 9 • Pig Sale

October 7 • Pig Sale

November 4 • Pig Sale

November 16 • Pig Sale

December 9 • Bred Female Sale

ARK... Producing a Wonderful Experience

Champion Crossbred Barrow
Reserve Champion Yorkshire & 5th Overall Purebred Barrow
Reserve Division and 5th Overall Crossbred Barrow
Reserve Division & 5th Overall Yorkshire Barrow
4th overall Division Yorkshire Barrow
Two other Class Winning Crossbred Barrows
Reserve Division Crossbred Gilt
3rd Overall Division Crossbred Gilt
4th Overall Division Crossbred Gilt
Two Class Winning Yorkshire Gilts

Grand Champion FFA Market Hog
2015 Iowa State Fair

Shown by Ben Jacobsen
  EN: 30-6 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: Slug
Dam's Ear Notch: 95-5
Sire of Dam: Honky Tonk
Weight in lbs (as of 04.17.15): 80
Description:: These 30's are absolute powerhouse barrow prospects!!! They are huge backed, huge ribbed, and mega heavy boned with the stoutness of feature of a champion!!! If you're more comfortable feeding barrows that have the natural shape, natural power, and natural dimension from the start them these are three barrows that should fit your eye!!! They are just so incredibly stout and powerful throughout!!! They are moderate barrows but they have the correct kind of length of bone work and extension in the right places to still balance up the way winning show hogs have to!!! 
5th Overall Purebred Barrow & Res. Champion Yorkshire
2015 World Pork Expo

Shown by Lucia Abreu
  EN: 332-5 YB
Breed/Sex: Yorkshire Barrow
Sire: Untouchable
Dam's Ear Notch: 107-4
Sire of Dam: OnSlaught
Weight in lbs (as of 02.16.15): 67
Description:: This pair of 332 litter Untouchable barrows have a stout featured, huge ribbed, easy feeding look to them!!! They are heavy structured from the ground up with big feet and heavy bones!!! Honestly, it's really hard to get past these Untouchable sired barrows!!! They just keep continuing to work year after year and are as hard to get around as anything out there!!! Really good pair of powerfully stout purebred Yorkshire barrows!!!
Champion Crossbred Barrow
2015 World Pork Expo

Shown by Hunter McKinnon
  EN: 224-5 XB
#: PEN16
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: Beyond
Dam's Ear Notch: 278-3
Sire of Dam: Bear
Weight in lbs (as of 02.16.15): 68
Description:: Three more tremendous 224 litter barrows to study!!! Again, we sold littermates in the January Sale that were just a notch more ready than these were at that point, but holy smokes have these guys ever done all the right things in their development towards the future!!! They are tremendously shapely, very stout featured, yet still offer plenty of extension up front and throughout to make winning barrows in 2015!!! We're really excited about the possibilities these 244's bring to the table!!! They all three can go win shows!!!
Reserve Division I & 5th Overall Crossbred Barrow
2015 World Pork Expo

Shown by DWE Livestock
  EN: 287-7 XB
#: PEN13
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: Monster Square
Dam's Ear Notch: 321-3
Sire of Dam: Untouchable
Weight in lbs (as of 03.23.15): 70
Description:: This is one of the truly deep litters of great feeding barrows you will see!!! Every barrow in this 287 litter can win a show somewhere!!! That's how impressive and how deep they are!!! They are so massive and powerful, yet without sacrificing the design and balance that you know we think is A MUST!!! You love these barrows when you get up over them and study the top shape and inner dimension they all five represent!!! But, these barrows will not disappoint you when you get off to the side of them and study their profile and look!!! These are just really good barrows from every angle!
Reserve Division & 5th Overall Yorkshire Barrow
2015 World Pork Expo

Shown by Gary Nelson-Barger
  EN: 349-3 YB
Breed/Sex: Yorkshire Barrow
Sire: God Father
Dam's Ear Notch: 1-11
Sire of Dam: Checkmate
Weight in lbs (as of 03.23.15): 75
Description:: Man these God Father barrows are flat out impressive! They are extended and tall shouldered and still really expressive and in the upper rib shape and back shape! They are square hipped and good in their rump design! We love how these barrows pretty much run uphill and how high headed and cocky fronted they are! These barrows read like really easy feeding barrows that shouldn't take a great deal of expertise to get them 12:00!!! They are just designed up so right with so much show appeal!!! These barrows should be about ideal for have 12:00 come July!!!
Grand Champion Overall
2015 National Western Stock Show

Shown by Garrison Straka

EN: 79-3 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 7/8/14
Sire: Bear 84
Dam's Ear Notch: 222-6
Sire of Dam: Bear
Weight in lbs (as of 09.08.14): 58
Description:: ANOTHER DOUBLE BRED BEAR!!! AND GUYS THESE DOUBLE BRED BEAR BARROWS ARE FOR REAL!!! This is one good rascal! He's shapely! He's square as they come! This one is perfect frame size and just ideally balanced to feed EXTREMELY WELL!!! It's extremely tough to make them this square, this heavy structured, this correct and level hipped, and this attractive and comfortable on the go!!! WE ARE WAY WAY HIGH ON THIS PROSPECT!!!

Reserve Grand Champion
2015 LSU Stock Show

Placed by: Ernest Donohoe Showpigs

EN: 248-7 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 8/4/14
Sire: Bear 84
Dam's Ear Notch: 285-2
Sire of Dam: Bear
Weight in lbs (as of 10.01.14): 42
Description:: Bear 84 X Mother of Champion Heavy Weight at NAILE last Fall!!! This sow CAN GENERATE!!! This is one incredibly deep litter of barrow prospects! *248-7 is one stout made individual! When you get this kind of stoutness and this kind of balance and look all coming together in the same package... THEY GET REALL HARD TO BEAT!!!

Champion Crossbred Barrow
2015 NJSA Southeast Regional

Shown by Savannah Page

#: 183
EN: 87-9 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 7/14/14
Sire: Bear 84
Dam's Ear Notch: 225-2
Sire of Dam: Creature
Weight in lbs (as of 09.08.14): 52
Description:: WE THINK THIS IS A SPECIAL LITTER OF HOGS!!! WE WILL WATCH A PROSPECT OR TWO IN THIS LITTER AS A BOAR!!! This is Bear 84 on a Creature daughter that is out of the mother of the Grand Barrow at San Antonio we raised! These barrows combine stoutness of feature and heaviness of structure with a very youthful appearance and absolutely great maturity pattern! We think this is next level material here with these 87 litter barrows!!! You better study each and everyone of these youngbarrows as they all have GREAT POTENTIAL!!!

Champion Hampshire Barrow
2015 Houston Stock Show

Shown by Brian Brugman

EN: 284-6 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 8/16/14
Sire: Bear 84
Dam's Ear Notch: 268-5
Sire of Dam: Bear
Weight in lbs (as of 11.02.14): 60
Description:: THESE 284 MAY NOT BE EVERYONE'S FAVORITES... BUT THEY SET US ON FIRE!!! This is just so much of what we try to make them look like! Not super extreme, or way out there and way overdone, but just killer square andamazingly balanced and correct! We DO NOT question the muscle or power here AT ALL!!! We know there will be some that might. But, over time these are the ones that go out and feed and get better and win shows for our guys!!! DOUBLE-BRED BEAR!!! Trust us and do not worry about the power here! All the true indicators of power are here, these barrows simply have IDEAL MATURITY and it will all come in time!!! BIG TIME PROSPECTS IN OUR MIND!!!

Champion Middleweight Hampshire Barrow
2015 Houston Livestock Show

Shown by Ridge Reynolds

EN: 227-2 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 7/31/14
Sire: Bear 84
Dam's Ear Notch: 90-1
Sire of Dam: Bear
Weight in lbs (as of 10.01.14): 41
Description:: This little stud might not be ready to go win a show today, but guys he's got the traits it's going to taketowin down the road once he maturessome! We'd feed barrows like this all day! He's got great show appeal, he's super square, and he's perfect on his feet and legs!

4th Place Heavyweight Crossbred
2015 Fort Worth Stock Show

Shown by Nik Hodges

EN: 228-1 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Date Born: 7/31/14
Sire: Monster Square
Dam's Ear Notch: 209-2
Sire of Dam: Creature
Weight in lbs (as of 10.01.14): 42
Description:: These 228's are some massively stout little rigs! They both have big forearms and a really bold chest in them! They are wide skeletoned barrows that seem to stay within themselves very well at the same time! Study these two and use your imagination as to exactly just HOW STOUT they are going to be down the road on show day!!!

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