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Exotic Boars


Monster Square x Bear 22

Monster x Bear (Bear 84's littermate)

Bear 84 x Bear
THIS ONE HAS CAUSED A LOT OF STIR FROM THOSE WHO SAW HIM LAST FALL AND THIS SPRING!!! He is the kind that you think you will be just fine breeding everything that's in heat to him! He's got the same kind of look, design, and structure as his sire! He's a heavier boned, bolder, more massive version of his daddy!!! His mother is a Bear daughter has a Super Monster mother! So, there's two shots of Bear himself, one thru Bear 84 and one thru the Bear mother, plus Priceless is sitting right there on the top side of the pedigree, as well as bringing Super Monster back into play! We have bred a very large portion of the sow herd to Phenom! We couldn't be more excited about the genetic package of this one as well as the design, build, and make up of this individual! !

Visionary x Bear
This was the Visionary son we knew we had to keep around! He matches his sire in terms of design, look, and bone work! It's rare to see them put together this tall fronted, this heavy structured, and this square backed all in the same package! Ego got his name from the way he carries himself with a high headed, cocky attitude kind of look!!! He has a terrific hind leg and we really think Ego has a chance to sire more barrow muscle shape and rib than his sire, which should allow him to be a consistent winning barrow sire!!! We are extremely high on Ego and we have a good number of sows bred to him, can't wait to see what his babies look like in the sale barn and in the show ring!
SKY 203

Skywire x Bear
We have really been impressed with how this blue belted Sky Wire son has matured! His mother is a littermate to Bear 22! Sky 203 has an excellent hip and rear leg structure! He's tall shouldered and good centered! We think 203 can sire barrows and also we think he has the look of one that can produce outstanding females to breed off of in the future!

Bear 84 IS A FULL SIB TO THE RESERVE GRAND BARROW 2013 OYE!!! BEAR 84 WAS BRED TO AS MANY SOWS FOR HIS FIRST SEASON AS ANY BOAR WE'VE EVER USED!!! ABSOLUTELY TURNED HIM LOOSE!!! We see this one as a "timeless" show barrow sire! When they have this kind of look, structure, and squareness of build they can make champion barrows for any generation!!! This guy is extremely tall shouldered, and very heavy structured! The way he ties in behind his blade into a incredible wide, square top is SPECIAL!!! The upper rib shape and top strength is what makes him so unique!!! It's hard to find ones that do those things this well, while being this cool from the side and still this balanced, well designed, and extended!! He's a great hipped boar and he's a long fronted hog, that is not a long bodied hog!! WE LOVE THAT! Especially for being a direct sire of winning show pigs!! From very early on with "84" he was one that NEVER HAD A PRICE!! There was no amount that could keep us from housing this boar here and breeding EVERYTHING we could to him!! We see him as that far ahead and that special!
BEAR 274

Bear 84 x Creature
THE LOGICAL NEXT STEP IN OUR BREEDING PROGRAM!!! Bringing together the Bear line and Creature line to form one of the heaviest structured ones in existence!!! He's got the square built and design of his sire Bear 84 yet with even more rib and body! He's got the massive bone work of his mother's sire, Creature, yet in a more moderate package with more show appeal!!! WE HAVE BRED MORE TO THIS YOUNG SIRE THAN WE'VE EVER BRED TO ONE IN THEIR FIRST SEASON!!! Right or Wrong.... This one EXCITES
Bear 76

Bear 84 x Super Monster

Bear 76 is sired by Bear 84, one of the hottest barrow sires anywhere, and he's out of the great Super Monster daughter 30-2 that produced the Grand Barrow 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show. We pictured him here at 12 months and it's certainly not the most impressive day of his life here after breeding season seeing very hard usage, but we do think you can see why we are using this boar! He's incredible square hipped, with a steer rump in him! He's ultra heavy in his bone work! He had the biggest back as a young prospect as any we have kept! He's ridiculously stout featured about his head and skull but still very long necked and clean in his jaw line! Another interesting trait about 76 is the natural head carriage and show appeal he has! In an era in the show ring with everyone whipping head too much... Here's one that will give you that super high headed look WITHOUT HAVING TO TOUCH HIM!!!

On Target

On Time x Bear
We think we can get to another level in terms of making show barrows that have incredible look and shape while still being big legged by utilizing ON TAGET!!! We named his sire, On Time, because he came along just "In Time" to breed the Bear and Creature daughters in our herd... WELL, it worked!!! The On Time x Bear connection produced as many winners last Fall as anything!!! WE ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT TO GET THE FIRST ON TARGETS ON THE GROUND AND INTO THE SHOW RING!!!
Monster Square

A GAME (Super Monster x Priceless) X SUPER MONSTER
THIS DOUBLE BRED SUPER MONSTER IS THE BOAR WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR OUT OF THE SUPER MONSTER LINE!!! We never produced a direct Super Monster son that could replace what his Super Monster could do, we have extremely high expectation for Monster Square! He's got the exactly same skeletal design in terms of squareness and soundness! He is nearly identical to the old man himself! We truly believe with the sows behind him and the way this one matured that he could sire hogs across the board with more bone, more feature, and more rib shape that Super Monster would sire. We are extremely excited to introduce Monster Square and have lots of litters coming!!!


Super Special x Modern Marvel
This guy is a TRUE herd sire!!! We are built our female base around Bear! Bear's siring record is already staggering!!! He is leaving us with an incredible group of daughters and the young Bear sons are as EXCITING AS ANYTHING!!! Bear is so awesome thru his center body and rib shape! Bear has an indestructible hip and rear leg! Bear is super stout feature and massively heavy structured! Plan to see lots of Bear sired offspring being offered as well as be watching for what some of his great daughters are going to do!!!

High Voltage

This Maine Man son is the most like his sire of the two we have kept. He is mega heavy boned, and awesomely square! He is super moderate framed, but balances like a show barrow! He's stout featured, stout skulled, and has big rear leg, yet he does it with tremendous head carriage and show appeal! We are giving this boar and his half-brother Shock Wave a REAL SHOT here!!!


This young Maine Man son is a really unique breeding piece to us!!! His front two thirds are INCREDIBLE! He has great pasterns and he is extra tall shouldered. The size and shape to this boars blade and the look to his forearm SCREAM: Champion Barrows!!! He does it with more show appeal and look yet than most of the Maine Man sons! We have this boar mating back to some of our most elite Bear daughters!

When you are selecting the breed stock to produce next year's pig crop remember this: all of the fancy feeds, high powered fit jobs, enhanced photos, changed birth dates and big price tags will not make them better -- only their true genetic value will.