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Reference Boars
ARK Final Move 154-8

Final Move:
(Final Move x Vintage)

Stress Status: Negative
This is the one that had to stay here this Fall!!! We think this Final Move son is going to make a lasting impact on the sow herd here in Lake City!!! He has as good of a hip and rump and rear leg as any in this line of tremendous breeding hogs!!! The true heaviness of structure and rib shape here is incredible!!! We have great expectations for this young herd sire!!! Be watching for first pigs next Spring!!!

Untouchable 131-6

Untouchable 131-6: (Untouchable x Vintage x Bullet Proof *Untouchable's Grandmother*)
Stress Status: Negative
Here is one that we could not be more excited about. This 131 litter boar is a male version of the Untouchable gilt that won Expo and Louisville. He is so correct, so square, so balanced, and awesomely athletic and agile in his skeleton all the way around! We plan to make some special Yorkshire hogs utilizing this great Untouchable son. We'll be breeding a heavy percentage of our Yorkshire sows to 131-6! Check out his mother sow 57-7, as well as his maternal grandmother and paternal great grandmother sow 67-6.

ARK Onslaught 135-10

Onslaught: (Onslaught x Vintage)
Stress Status: Negative
THE MOST LIKE VINTAGE HIMSELF THAT WE HAVE SEEN!!! This one could be SPECIAL sire!!! His first babies just fitting the ground, as it took us a while to really start using this guy, are awesome in the crate!!! Stout, Massive, but long necked, and appear to have the right muscle pattern and tremendous hips in them!!! We don't think you can design a better hip and hind leg than what 135-10 has!!! He's a heavy muscled boar that will make daughters that have their pigs and raise them WAY BETTER THAN THOSE LIGHT STRUCTURED, LIGHT MUSCLED, SO CALLED BIG ONES!!! This is a truly BIG HOG in our minds!!! Not tall and skinny like some call big, but truly 3-dimensionally BIG EVERYWHERE!!! Here's the answer to the "what to breed to Final Move daughters and granddaughters, and great granddaughters" question we get ask and ask ourselves!!! We are expecting great things to come from this one!!!

ARK Final Move 2-8

Final Move:
(Checkmate x Bullet Proof x Rambo)
Stress Status: Negative
There's no way to describe what this boar has done or what he has the potential to do! He's one of the "Great Breeding Hogs" of all time introduced into our Yorkshire herd.
On Time

ON TIME came along right "on time" for us in our breeding program!!! He is tailor made to breed the Bear/Creature stuff!!! He is one of the more interesting and unique individuals we have produced!!! He offers incredible show appeal with great big legs! He is the squarest chested boar in out herd boar barn and he's perfect on his pasterns! We are giving this one a real shot to have a big impact on our program! We see him having the ability to generate those champion barrows of the future as well as producing some females that are OFF THE CHARTS!!! He seems to be doing both very well!!!
Creature 63-11

This one is going to make some winning barrows, YET THAT IS NOT WHAT WE THINK HIS CLAIM TO FAME WILL BE!!! We are going to use this guy to BUILT FEMALES!!! Crossbred females that can have their pigs unassisted, crossbred females that will lay down and milk their babies, crossbred females that will last and generate long term!!! We love the skeletal correctness that 63-11 has, and how awesomely flexible he is! We have to take him to power and know that some of his will be later maturing than they need to be to go win shows! Regardless, we can't help but to get really excited about a crossbred boar that looks like our old line, productive Yorkshires!!!

Creature 34-3

34-3 has been one AWESOME specimen everyday of his life! He follows in his sire's footsteps for being extra stout featured and rugged! He is massively heavy structured! He proabably reads one notch more moderate than his sire and has a little more rib shape and inner dimension than daddy. We have used 34-3 pretty hard. He is pictured at 9 months old after seeing real hard usage, but that doesn't change the incredible squareness and stoutness of 34-3! We maybe have never had a young boar in our show barn that got more attention and was any more popular than 34-3 was this Fall. HE COULD BE A BIG TIME BARROW SIRE!


The most fun boar to drive out of the Herd Boar barn to show visitors!!! Creature is pushing 900lbs and has legs that would blow most good steers out of the water!!! The circumference of bone Creature bring to the table is so valuable in the show ring today! Creature has an awesomely hip, rump, and hind leg design! He is super tall fronted (literally runs uphill from hip to shoulder). Creature's first daughters have be FABULOUS in the crate!!! They have their pigs and they raise their pigs!!! We think at the end of the day Creature will be listed as one of our most influencial Exotic boars for us in the past 10-12 years since we have been focused on building great crossbred hogs!!! A Special Kind of STOUTNESS!!!
Creature 205

Is this one perfect? NO! Really not even close! But, with that said he is one of the most intriguing ones we've put together! Considering he combines the three crossbred lines we have pretty much built our sow herd around, and the Yorkshire line that has been dominating as far as females that will do what they are supposed to do!!! We love the level design and square built of this guy! He has always had and still has a tremendous look about him! We're excited to be getting this one bred to some key sows!!!

Bear 294

(Bear xSuper Monster x Vintage x Space Monkey )
This 294 litter boar is one of the most unique ones we have put together! He is an awesome combination of muscle, power, true skeletal width, style, and great flexibility! We love the bone work on this guy, so stout, yet still reads very youthful!!! You will be hearing a bunch from Bear 294!!! *check out his Super Monster mother 52-9 (left) and his Vintage x Space Monkey grandmother 39-4 (right).

Bear 22

One that we are using EXTREMELY HARD! He falls right in line with his sire having an enormous rib cage and extremely heavy structure! This is our BEST Bear son to date! He has a killer show barrow look to him and he's incredible athletic and agile! We will be offering numbers of pigs this Fall sired by Bear 22!

ARK Final Drive

(ARK Final Move x ARK Vintage)
ARK Vintage 30-1

(ARK New Kid 37-1 x ARK Dynamite 58-1)
JKKC9 Checkmate 1-4

(BRCK7 Power Source 10-4 x OSU7 KB 1-2)
Stress Status: Negative
Bred By: Triple C Farms, OK

ARK Revolution 37-3

(ARK Vintage X ARK World Wide)
Stress Status: Negative


(On The Verge x Vintage)
Stress Status: Negative

ARK True Grit 119-6

(Final Move x Vintage)
Stress Status: Negative

Super Monster 1-6

(Super Monster x Tsunomi)


(All There x Silver Bullet x Modern Marvel)


(Out There x Modern Marvel)


(Superman x Split Second)
Stress Status: Negative
Bred By: R W Genetics, NE

ARK Enterprise 30-2x

(Alias 106-2 x JLM Seven-Two(122-2X)

ARK Modern Marvel

(JLM Sasquatch x JLM Seven-Two)


Maverick is the HEAVIEST STRUCTURED HOG WE HAVE EVER SEEN...PERIOD! This guy has been special from the start. We started collecting and breeding sows to him at 5 months of age. We think he represents so much of where we are headed in the show pig industry. He combines tremendous stoutness, together with great balance and design. He is strong pasterned. He is wide but it is a square true to the ground width. We love his length of body and frame size. We are going to give him a chance to BREED ALL HE CAN COVER!

Double Vision
28-4 Just until the day before leaving for Summer Type Conference when we decided we needed to offer all three of these 28's in the same setting this was our crossbred boar entry. Not because we felt like he was the clear cut best one, these boars are really close and all three offer lots of good things in our minds. But, because HE IS LIKE NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE!!! You simply will not find one with this much bone, feature, ruggedness, and foot size that can get out and go like 28-4 can! For anyone who has had the chance to visit the farm and she the old man Creature, they would agree... CREATURE HAS THE BIGGEST LEGS YOU'LL EVER SEE!!! 28-4's circumference of bone is the first we have seen that might rival Creature as having the absolute biggest legs in existence!!! The neat thing about 28-4 is better balanced and more the right frame size to make champion barrows than Creature is. Everything matches head to tail with 28-4! He's stout skulled, huge forearmed, enormous ribbed, has monster back legs and feet, and ends with a great big tail! That is true heaviness of structure that will pass onto the next generation! Something we love about 28-4 that seems to get overlooked in great barrow sires, but that we feel is ultra important is APPEPITE!!! 28-4 WILL EAT YOU HAND OFF IT YOUR NOT FAST ENOUGH TO GET OUT OF HIS WAY!!! This is a very heritable trait that is so important when it comes to fitting and feeding show hogs as well as females being put back into the herd! We believe this entire 28 litter is truly special and without a doubt 28-4 is one of the most unique individuals we have ever offered for sale!!!

Sold to Lean Value Sires
Call for semen 1-800-972-8766

Top Gun
28-7 is absolutely incredibly square about his build! He was so easy to photo! He just stopped and stood perfectly balanced and square every time, making him very photogenic! This dude has the right kind of length of body and rib shape to make those perfect feeding show hogs! He's stout featured, yet still has a very attractive design and look to him! He's bold end to end in terms of the true, honest muscle and dimension he has! It's hard to get around this kind of look when you see it in the show barrow arena! 28-4's skull, jaw-line, blade, and forearm all represent exactly how we want our next show barrow to look!!! We appreciate all three of these 28's and especially this 28-7 for their true natural shape and curvature of rib while still being lean and trim in their lower third!!! We think the ones that can do that are the ones that can make those CHAMPION CALIBER barrows coast to coast across the country!

Sold to Premium Blend Genetics
Call for semen 1-855-PBG-PIGS

Ice Man
28-3 is absolutely packed full of power and shape! He's probably the most busted open in her chest floor and blade as he comes at you! He's super impressive up high in terms of the shape and curvature to his top and upper rib! He's got the kind of head carriage we all love to see in show pigs! He cranks his head in the air and flags his tail up with an attractive hip and tail set! This boar to some degree may not be as extreme as 28-4 or 28-7 and yet he may combine to two into one package! We love the natural muscle shape and natual power end to end that this boar carries in a very flexible and atheletic package! This could be one BIG TIME GOOD BARROW SIRE!!!

Sold to Premium Blend Genetics
Call for semen 1-855-PBG-PIGS


When you are selecting the breed stock to produce next year's pig crop remember this: all of the fancy feeds, high powered fit jobs, enhanced photos, changed birth dates and big price tags will not make them better -- only their true genetic value will.