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Grand Champion Market Hog
2017 National Western Stock Show

Shown by Christon Watson
  EN: 32-6 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: Phenom
Dam's Ear Notch: 240-1
Sire of Dam: Monster Square
Description:: This barrow offers a very heavy structured, square design, and an excellent skeleton! He's got the makings of one that will feed into something pretty special, not because he's the most extreme pig you will find, just because this barrow is put together RIGHT and just doesn't have structural flaws to have to deal with! Really good feeding look to this one!
Grand Champion Overall
2017 Florida State Fair

Shown by Lyndsee Phillips
  EN: 96-9 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: On Target
Dam's Ear Notch: 26-2
Sire of Dam: Bear 22
Description:: WHAT A FANTASTIC LITTER OF GREAT PROSPECTS!!! We absolutely love the stoutness of feature and just real, honest, true heaviness of structure we read in this litter of On Target barrows!!! They've been impressive at every stage! Great at birth! Incredible at weaning! Looked special on the decks when sorting this sale set! They are still fun to study and debate as individuals as they come out of the pen into the viewing area in the sale barn! If you like them with shape and dimension, while still having the right kind of balance and good skeletal design... THESE ON TARGET'S BACK ON A B22 DAUGHTER SHOULD FIT TO A TEE!!!
Reserve Champion Heavyweight Hampshire
2017 San Antonio Stock Show

Shown by Molly Boswell
  EN: 95-6 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: On Target
Dam's Ear Notch: 249-6
Sire of Dam: Bear 84
Description:: These On Target barrows read with a later kind of maturity pattern, and some will assume that means they just not very good... But, sometimes the best ones are the ones that have this kind of maturity and are still sound and square on show day while the early maturing ones have crashed and burned! They're not going to win jackpots every weekend, but with this structure and design and the kind of look they have, it's easy to see why and how one of these 95's could be hard to beat once it all comes together!
Class Winner
2017 NJSA Southeast Regional

Shown by Audra Hart
  EN: 11-4 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Barrow
Sire: On Target
Dam's Ear Notch: 271-2
Sire of Dam: Untouchable
Description:: We read this one to be one massive beast before it's all said and done! He's huge boned and great big centered with a super level, square hip and rump structure! For one built as powerfully is he is, this guy still gets out with some show appeal and balance to his design!