Got Next x Hush Money 
(LITTERMATE TO GRAND BARROW AT AYE & GRAND AT ARKANSAS STATE FAIR that was declared a run away winner by both judges at both shows) Apex could end up being a truly all time great one for us! His mother, as well as his sisters, are so special! Leading us to believe the sow line this rascal can lay in could be something like the Super Monster/Bear/Creature/Hush Money/Symmetry lines where those groups of young females are the keys to the kingdom regardless of the hot rock boars used across them. We see big time potential in the first Apex show barrow prospects just now hitting the chips in the sale barn!
Sorry we don’t have him fattened up for a photo. This photo was taken as a yearling after heavy usage! No question some will not understand just how much he offers until seeing his pigs win “big ring” pig shows.

Tricked Out x Checkmate
(Littermate was Carson Page’s Reserve Grand at Georgia last October) This guy gets his name because we believe he is a true Catalyst in our breeding program. In an era where it seems shorter bodied, slower growing ones that have stout featured and big limbs have a huge advantage. We think it’s so key for us to use a Catalyst type boar that can lean that way BUT ABSOLUTELY does not sacrifice what we have spent the last 15-20 years building in terms of structural design and correctness! Catalyst brings the extras and unique breeding hog parts to the table but he has an impeccable hip and rear leg! His mother is a top 10 production sow in the herd and his sister was elite enough to win in a market hog setting while looking like a special young generating female. So many good things to get put together in one package here with Catalyst!!!
No Intentions

Symmetry x Baditude
The Symmetry son we have been needing since the loss of Kemosabe! He got his name for a reason WITH NO DISRESPECT towards one of the most influential lines of all time. But in our industry when one line is as popular as The Intentions line has been, it’s always been key to find the outliers both phenotypically and genotypical! “No Intentions” has tremendous breeding boar head/skull shape, while being as truly long necked as you will ever see. Huge toes…Big legs…Ideal muscle pattern with more blade, arm, and chest than his daddy! We have bred a lot of sows to No Intentions!
I’m Him

Broken Record x Never Before x Bear 84
(Mother is a littermate to ‘19 Grand at California State Fair. She also produced Cantrell’s Bronze at OYE - safe to say the mother here is clearly an all-time great one for us as well as grandmother and GreatGrandmother) The sows in this pedigree are the reason why “I’M HIM” is what he is. Taking nothing away from what the top sides of the lineage here is. Starting back with Cruel Intention’s mother (as good as I’ve ever laid my eyes on), Next Intention’s mother (nothing has to be said), Never Before’s mother and grandmothers…This boar could be one of the best ones we’ve ever assembled here in Lake City. Like I’ve said before though, when we get stuff combined correctly, you’d have to be closed minded and foolish not to commend the other great minds that went into all the genetics that get combined together. When I know I’m able to use genetic material that combine Josh Brockman, Shane Brinning, Ben Bobell, and Jason Lackey along with what we have been doing here in our program for years…. YOU BET I HAVE EXTREME CONFIDENCE IN ONE ENOUGH TO NAME- “I’m Him”. He’s breeding lots of sows here. There will be very limited semen for a couple seasons as he matures but willing to do our best to accommodate those that want to try to utilize what we think is absolute greatness!

Next Play X Don’t Shoot x Breaking Rules
Bred By: Knauth (purchased as weanling prospect)
It’s hard to explain just how ecstatic we are to have gotten our hands on this one! The name probably tells the story of just exactly how the thought process was on the purchase of this guy! I truly believe in first impressions and gut instincts when it comes to breeding and selecting livestock! He brings so much uniqueness to the table for us both in the way he’s built and certainly some new and different life blood from genetic standpoint. When Kyle discussed this one during preview he said very plain and straight forward; he didn’t think he was one to try to feed for Spring Major season because he didn’t project him getting real big or growing fast. He was dead on! Impulse is moderate but he’s RIGHT! He’s not a moderate dingy one. He’s balanced in all proportions and dimensions which makes him so easy and ideal to use across so many of the sows here at Lake City. The number of Hush Money and Symmetry daughters that are tailor made to be mated to Impulsive is beyond exciting for us! *NOTE::: On breeding weeks for us their will be no semen available, but we will be collecting him to keep him rolling with high quality semen on off weeks as well. So there will be some availability.

Tricked Out x Hush Money x Undisputed 
One of the most awesomely complete, yet freakishly stout and unique ones we’ve made to date. It’s so hard to put ones together that have this kind of true 3-dimensional mass! Zoned Out is so powerfully constructed with so much true shape and heaviness of structure end to end, and top to bottom! Some might accuse him of being too long or having too much extension…that’s ability to sire hogs that can grow! The value of what he offers in terms of center bodied, rib texture, stoutness of flat/clean bone, and genuine shape and muscle hasn’t even been discovered yet in many circles! So So So glad to see this guy standing in the herd boar barn every morning at feeding time!!!
*****WE WILL BE OFFERING LIMITED SEMEN AS AVAILABILITY ALLOWS US ON THESE BOARS HERE. WE’LL POST EACH WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY WHAT THE AVAILABILITY and PRICING IS FOR THE COLLECTION ON MONDAYS & THURSDAYS. Note: We will ship 100ml bottles per dose with high sperm cell concentration. This is the same semen that’s going into our sows. Don’t expect it to live over 5-7 days because of the rate of concentration we mix semen. It does live 10 days but we want to settle those standing immediately and want to have acceptable litter size. We encourage anyone receiving the semen to examine it upon arrival or up to 5 days and report back with the sperm count, quality and motility they observe! —WE WILL ACCEPT BOOKING OF SEMEN 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE @ $750/dose prepaid 7 days prior to shipment.
Pay Out

Tricked Out x Hush Money
(Owned with and housed at Southern Gold Sires) - LOVE THIS ONES FEATURE! Perfect proportions with big hairy legs and phenomenal hip and rear leg.
Hold Out

Tricked Out x Hush Money
(Owned with and housed at Southern Gold Sires) - The “wild” one. He won’t breed the farm but we have to get this one in a few of the right sows.
Special Edition

Limited Edition (Symmetry x Bear 275) X Bear 76 (The key to this one for us is how intensely linebred Bear he is)
Can’t wait to see this one’s first crop! He has man-like feature and has since he was on the nursery decks. It’s real too! It’s not a round/quick kind of bone that hogs grow out of like we are seeing so much of in today’s industry. It’s real, it’s honest, it’s tough heaviness of structure in a maturity pattern that will allow it to keep coming as they mature! Love the skull, eye set, and tail root we see in this guy! He has the Bear hip size and dimension! Those Bear line females would have as much true muscle as you’d ever see and lay down and shell pigs out unassisted! Gosh. What’s the value to be able to add some of that back in without sacrificing the bone, the feature, the proportions and modern stylish appearance!?!?! You decide!
White Liar

White Lightening x Big Step (purebred Yorkshire)
The easy thing to think and assume with this dude will MAKE DIRTY YORKS! No doubt that’s the plan and should work so well the way he’s bred. At the same time how often do we hear about how weak the blues are out there at shows? This is one we think can bred belted, painted sows and build blues that have exotic look, bone, shag, shape, and squareness! We get semen shipped to Arkansas on him every collection! He’s going to get a real shot to do something special we think in terms of white/light cross lines here in our program!
Back Hand

Back Slap x Hush Money
The cat is out of the bag on just how good Back Slap (the Back Drop son at Moyer’s) is siring! This guy came from as deep of litter as we have produced. Littermate gilts will be heard from! Extreme feature and bone work while still being extra tall at the point of the shoulder! Awesome back shape and loin edge. Square hipped with show ring elite pin and tail set! Big blunt strong feet and toes with VERY BIG LEGS! We are putting this guy in some top tier sows! No doubt he has a huge place in our breeding program!

Dirty 416 x Attitude


Next Intentions x Unlocked x Bear42
Mother is littermate to Lock ïN Key at Moyer's

(Littermate to Bronze at OYE)

Overruled x Never Before x Bear84

Cruel Intentions x Bear 48

Cruel Intentions x Phenom
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Hush Money x Unlocked
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Cruel Intentions x Baditude
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Overruled x Baditude

Stay Classy x Baditude
Littermate to Godfather
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Overruled x Never Before x On Target
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Stay Classy x Baditude
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Ego x Maverick x Super Monster
Hush Money

Dirty Secret x Bear 274
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Hush Now

Hush Money x Attitude

Hush Now x Checkmate
Money Talks

Hush Money x On Target

Square Deal x Visionary x Bear
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Checkmate x Attitude
Lock'n Key 425

Unlocked x Bear 42
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Unlocked x Bear 42
Littermate to Backdrop
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Unlocked x Bear 42
Littermate to Banner
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Attitude x Visionary

Checkmate x Visionary
Mother of Bear 48, Baditude, Fake News, & Shrek
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